Wireless trailer light kit


New Wireless towing light kit with 2 individual lights.  ON SALE NOW through December 24th!!!

Product Price:

$118.95 $99.95


This new light kit is for towing and comes with a 7B transmitter (RV style), USB charging cord, built-in lithium batteries, CIG plug charger, 2 lights, and a carrying case.  Each light has a 4-LED light built into it so that you can use it as a license plate light or flashlight too.  These lights will run fully charged for 8 hours and only take 2.5 hours to fully re-charge.  90 foot range for the wireless transmitter.  Rubber coated magnets on each light keep them on your towed vehicle.  Each light also has LED indicators (blue micro LEDs) that tell you the charge status for each light. This new kit is great to have around in its plastic carrying case in case of emergencies or to tow equipment or trailers around with your truck.  NO WIRES!  Great for towing behind your RV too.  This 7B transmitter even has a built in 4F (4-flat) so that you can use it on an older vehicle with only the 4 flat option.