Tow Mart Heavy Duty Magnets


We offer round industrial magnets in four different sizes and pull strength. Perfect for industrial uses.

Product Price:



The largest magnet is 4 inches in diameter and has a pull strength of 120 pounds. The next size is 3 inches in diameter and has 75 pounds of pull strength. Then we have the 2 ½ inch diameter magnet with 65 pounds of pull, and then the smallest magnet is 2 inches in diameter and has 25 pounds of pull strength. All of these heavy duty magnets have a metal cup and a hole in the center for mounting. We also offer a square 80 pound pull magnet with a bracket for mounting towing lights or whatever your needs may be.

Part #s are as follows:

  • CP0850 – 2” Diameter 35 lb. Pull Magnet
  • CP0865  – 2.5” Diameter 65 lb. Pull Magnet
  • CP0808  – 3” Diameter 95 lb. Pull Magnet
  • CP0885 – 4” Diameter 110 lb. Pull Magnet
  • CP70 – Square Magnet (2.5″ x 4″) With Bracket 80 lb. Pull