PAR 36 High Power LED Light


Perfect for the front of tractors, combines and Skid Steers or the back of a wrecker, this high-powered LED light is 3X brighter than the original 55-watt halogen lamps and has a nice white 60-degree flood. It fits perfectly into any PAR 36 housing.

Product Price:



LED PAR36 light

NOW offered in trapezoid pattern and flood pattern

Features include:

  • 1,500 lumen
  • 18-watt LED light disc
  • CREE diodes and polycarbonate clear lens
  • 4½” in diameter
  • 12-24 volt operation
  • IP 67 Waterproof rating

Choose from:

  • Flood pattern light
  • Trapezoid pattern light

Look at the color difference with the LED light on the left (below) and the brightness vs a 55w halogen

PAR 36 High Power LED Light