Drill-Free Cab Mount for GM / Chevy Trucks


Buyers drill-free light bar cab mount for a variety of GMC/Chevy applications.  Easy to mount strobe lights and work lights to any truck. Holds up to 30lbs. Great for service trucks, landscape trucks, plow trucks etc…

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Drill-free cab mounts make it easy to mount additional strobe lights and work lights to the cab of your truck without drilling holes. Mounts to the 3rd brake light opening.  Holds up to 30lbs.  Great for construction trucks, service body, work trucks etc…

  • 1.5″H x 22″L x 10″W
  • Chevy or GMC 5 models to choose from
  • Aluminum light weight construction
  • Black powder coat

Choose your part# when ordering from list of models below.

There is a model to fit the following:

  • Chevy/GMC 1500-3500 & extended cab ( 2007-2013) #8895095
  • Chevy/GMC 1500-3500 (2014-2018 all models) (2019 all models2500-3500/ 2 door 1500s except LTZ &LT) #8895100
  • Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon with ‘I03’ antenna (2015-2017) #8895105
  • Chevy/GMC 1500-4500 LT/LD with spoiler (2020) #8895115
  • Chevy/GMC 1500-3500 work truck cab (2020) #8895120

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