LED Lighting Continues to Pave the Way for Better Farming

Thanks to technology, farmers and owners develop better agricultural practices. One of the most helpful advances in the field focuses on increasing crop yields by enhancing lighting. The developing potential of LED lighting enhances the process of photosynthesis, ensures the livestock are in good condition, and improves current farm maintenance processes.

Prior to these innovations, lighting in agriculture came from the sun and various unstable light sources. As a result, farmers had to rely on  limited options.

Thanks to the development of “turntable†light sources, it is easier to provide plants and livestock with the best growing environment, as well as promote better farm maintenance.

Man-Made Sun for Plants

Crops rely on photosynthesis to grow. Farmers who wish to enhance the sun's effect through artificial lighting can expect increases in crop growth rates to follow. Traditional light-filling lamps such as fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, and high voltage sodium lamps are still effective, but these are not high enough to help the plant grow.

LED lighting, on the other hand, paves the way for better energy efficient features. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs last longer and use low energy, which diminishes the need for replacement and reduces carbon footprint.

Tractors Benefit, Too

Planting and harvesting follow strict schedules; miss a task in the middle of the year and the harvesting season will experience a blow. The harvest may further suffer when days become shorter or bad weather makes work difficult.

But thanks to LED tractor lights, farmers can extend their working days. Agricultural lights and pedestal lights illuminate short and wide areas that guarantee good medium-range visibility, which minimize downtime for the farm, as well as reduce costs. Apart from improving visibility, HID tractor lights can help farmers see further without straining their eyes, paving for better productivity.

Shorter days, bad weather, or insufficient daytime light need not hamper your operations on the field. Here at Tow Mart, we offer a range of lighting solutions that enable you to operate, even in low-light conditions.

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